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Elitxu /ɛlɪˈtuː/. That’s what my family and friends have called me ever since I was a young child – an affectionate nickname in Basque. My great-grandmother, also called Elixabet, was a dressmaker, so in a way, I’m the second Eli with a connection to fashion. ELI-two is born from that desire to create and take care of handcrafted pieces with the love our grandmothers and great-grandmothers always did. I want to bring back those values to my creations, with a contemporary, yet timeless vision.


Whether it be textiles, painting, photography or sculpture, my pieces are made to be cherished, treasured, shared, lent and passed on to a loved one.

In search of enduring beauty, I aim to redefine the concept of the object through art, craftsmanship, design and storytelling. And above all, I want its owner to give it symbolic value: layer upon layer of stories which only that piece will have lived through.


When creating, I believe in slow-paced production –taking time to let ideas mature. All the while being sensitive to the beauty of the passage of time, I value the unique, the long-lasting and the handmade.

Nature, art, culture, and all the small treasures of life are a daily source of inspiration for me. My work is led by carefully drawn colours, materials and shapes to capture or project that essence. Working consciously with my own hands, as well as the commitment to preserving the value of craftsmanship, are essential foundations throughout the process.